erin enfys - disabled, neurodivergent & queer non-binary performer, writer and theatremaker - pronouns they/them/nhw - image shows erin in a genderbent welsh lady costume with hat, shawl, apron, fishnets and doc martens

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Erin's work - a folder of video clips and a PDF of corresponding clip descriptions, can be found at this link. You can also find static images complete with image descriptions further down this webpage.More clips - 'The Welsh Lxdies', a script-in-hand sharing of the play by Grace O'Brien, can be found here. Skip to 9 minutes 10 seconds or 17 minutes for clips where Erin features.'The Welsh Lxdies' Clip Descriptions: From 9 minutes 10 seconds, Erin is sitting on the floor reading from a script wearing a Welsh lady's outfit. From 17 minutes, Erin is on stage with two other performers in dim lighting. Erin is the performer on the left.

Reviews“Performance wise, [Erin…] steals the show. Not only [do they] match the vocal prowess of [their] cast members, [they go] the extra mile by expertly working the room and [their] audience, and butting in with sharp ad-libs in any scene [they’re] in".
Grumpy Gay Critic ★★★★

Praise for 'Warrior' at The Brighton Fringe

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The image shows Erin smiling on stage using a microphone. Their brown hair is tied up in a bun. The text reads "Very funny and enlightening, interesting and useful. The work you're doing is incredible. The next reads "All I can say is WOW! Honest, educational, emotional, spoken from the heart. Well done on a FANTASTIC show!". The next reads "Brilliantly funny, touching and truthful. Still thikning about how powerful the show was".

Praise for ‘Shit Scripts: Bad Manors’ (Brighton Fringe)“Totally loved this show. It's an unpredictable farce which keeps the audience laughing pretty much non-stop”"This just made me cackle constantly for an hour! Get your butts to this show! Seriously sh*t (intentionally) & seriously funny! 10/10 would recommend. 🙌👏”“Comedy gold - an absolute must-see!”“They work MAGIC with a truly dreadful script…and it’s hilarious!”“MY CHEEKS ARE HURTING FROM LAUGHING”Praise for Bite-Size Breakfast 2015-2016 (Edinburgh Fringe)“There has to be something special about a Fringe show that can fill a theatre with 150 people at 10am. It’s down to the sharp writing and the quality of the actors”.
Sunday Mail ★★★★★
“Eccentric, funny and outrageous”.
Broadway Baby ★★★★
“Punchy, well-acted comedy”.
UK Theatre Web

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Artist BioErin Enfys (they/them/nhw) is a disabled, neurodivergent, queer non-binary performer, writer and theatremaker.They create authentic, community-driven, compassionate work informed by a diverse career and their own lived experience. They create vital safe spaces designed to provide disabled and neurodivergent representation in Musical Theatre. They are currently writing a musical about an inter-abled, queer Welsh couple.Erin has had a career in theatre, film & musicals, including two self-written shows (Sh!t Scripts: Bad Manors & Earwig), 'Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens' dir. Tia Kofi (Drag Race UK Season 2), Sweeney Todd (Borough Theatre) dir. Ken Caswell, two sell-out runs of the award-winning The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show (The Pleasance, Edinburgh), Southern Fail: The Musical (Spiegeltent), Cinderella (Walt Disney) dir. Kenneth Branagh and What Remains (BBC)
dir. Coky Giedroyc. Erin trained in Musical Theatre at the London College of Music.
They are passionate about devising, emotion-driven narratives, and disrupting and interrogating existing practices.

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You can find my Access Rider on the second page of my CV (click for more info).If you require my access rider or CV in any other format, please do not hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

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GIGSThurs 15th Dec - Christmas CLOGG (Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton)I'm currently:- Writing a musical about an inter-abled queer Welsh couple.
- Studying Musical Theatre Composition and Lyrics at BML
- Maintaining dialogue with peers to as to how we can create a more future-proof, inclusive and accessible musical theatre industry.
- Receiving mentoring as a result of my ACE DYCP Grant
- Streaming on Twitch
- Posting on Tiktok and Instagram

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